inessential by Brent Simmons


Kate Adams: "New morning ritual for me: Wake up, make coffee, and flip homepage."

isp.root makes it easy to host lots of Manila sites. I'm looking forward to seeing the first non-UserLand Manila ISP.

I just fixed automatic shortcuts for stories in Manila sites.

I need to make this site searchable before I actually start adding content to it. Luckily (perhaps), this is a general problem I'm facing -- lots of Manila users want to make their site searchable. This may (or may not) happen before the turn of the millennium.

Marc Richter: My Linux Journey from newbie to not such a newbie. Marc helped me via email -- now I have a clue about compiling postgres to get it installed on LinuxPPC.

Marc is a subscriber to UserLand's Linux-Newbies mailing list.

All I want for Christmas.

I like LinuxPPC very much -- my one Linux box is a LinuxPPC box, an old Mac 8500. But I wonder if Yellow Dog Linux might have been the better choice for servers. Check out the list of databases that come installed with Yellow Dog. Too late to change now -- but I have another Mac server I'm slowly working on "retiring" to Linux.

The original tagline for this site was "You don't need to be here."