inessential by Brent Simmons


A holiday gift from UserLand -- hosting EditThisPage.Com sites created in 1999 indefinitely. This is an example of why I work for UserLand and wouldn't want to work anywhere else. Generosity is key.

I remembered last night that I actually have a shrink-wrapped copy of Caldera OpenLinux 2.3. I wondered if it was easy to create a dual-boot machine, Windows and Linux, so I could have a Linux workstation that's purely for play. It turns out that OpenLinux comes with an actual manual (!), and according to the manual it's super-easy to set up a dual-boot machine. So I'm going to. I'll probably write up my experience here.

I'm so freakin' desperate for a decent browser on my Mac that I'm going to try Mozilla Milestone 12. Update: It may be the dogfood release, but it's not my dogfood, and I can't eat it. It's slow. Page up and page down buttons don't work. Etc. I'll try again when M13 comes out.