inessential by Brent Simmons


Frontier 6.1.1 has been released! Lots of new Manila features and bug fixes.

I watched Wim Wenders' Until the End of the World again, one of my favorite movies, a modern Casablanca. Its themes of engagement and the disease of images energize me as much as they did the first time.

Of course, at the time the movie was made it was set in the future -- now much of it is set in the past. Which doesn't make the movie different, but me watching the movie, I'm different. Still, the centerpiece of the movie, the moment that sticks with me, is when the power is cut on the small airplane, it's suddenly gliding over the Australian desert, and Claire and Sam wonder if there's a world below.

I just finished reading Italo Calvino's The Road to San Giovanni. More about that later, time permitting.

Update on installing Caldera OpenLinux -- it didn't work. It didn't recognize my hard drive. Nuts. So I gave the box away.