inessential by Brent Simmons


Apache will ship with Mac OS X as a personal webserver. I wonder what this will be like. Will Perl and Python also be installed? Will there be many differences between this version of Apache and a more standard installation? I edit my httpd.conf files in emacs. Will emacs be installed? What about Apple events -- would it be possible to write a module to connect the built-in Apache to Frontier via Apple events? Better still, I hope Apache on Mac OS X will support the Mac CGI standard as implemented by WebSTAR, WebTen, and so on.

And, most importantly, will it be easy to turn Apache off and run Frontier (or other webserver)?

I wonder if Mac OS X will include Samba. That would be cool by me, it's still too much of a pain to do file-sharing between Mac and Windows.

The fundamental question I have is this: Since Mac OS X is UNIX and Mac OS sort of blended together, do we get the best of both worlds, or do we get crippled versions of each, a hybrid that teases but doesn't satisfy? The former excites me, but I fear the latter.

To confuse the world a little bit more, there's a Tenon product for Mac OS X named iTools. And there's Apple's iTools. Here's a HotBot search for iTools. It's a fairly common name.

Other news

SuSE for PowerPC!

After a hiatus of several weeks and a job change, Jim Roepcke is again updating have browser, will travel.

GardenLife is an attractive Manila site in New Zealand.

I added a bunch of links on the left side of the page. They're my bookmarks, essentially. For me there's an Edit button below the bookmarks so I don't have to edit the template -- that section of the page is stored in a dg message.