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We're trying to get better debugging info from WINE: see "Wine debugging and function names". Can you help?

I got Frontier running under WINE on Linux on a Windows-free Linux machine! Here's the story chronicling the steps I took to get this configured. I'll be writing a more coherent HowTo so other people can try this out easily. Thanks to everyone who's helped so far. I'll have more questions soon.

Frontier launches, I get the MDI and About windows (but no menus) -- and the HTTP server now works! It's able to serve a Manila site!

All the current crashes so far appear to be related to outline rendering: we're working on figuring out what's going on there.

Other news

Sheila's now using the Manila navigation graphics feature on her site. Don't miss the Garden Photos!

I'm trying to get some of my co-workers to start weblogs. They say the same things I said before I started this one. The standard reasons: I'm too busy and I have nothing to say. I thought the same things -- but I've found that running a weblog is a great way to be engaged with the web and the people who make it fun. I'm sure this is a topic I'll return to, soon.

LinuxNewbies has an introduction to navigating the file system via the command line. This site rules.

I'm trying Outlook Express for Windows today. I'm normally a Eudora/Mac user. As soon as I find something to praise about it I'll let you know.

I changed my contact lenses this morning, as I do every week or two. Early man paid attention to the growing season, the phases of the moon -- I pay attention to the phases of my eyesight, from sharp to blurry and the gradations in between.