inessential by Brent Simmons

1/13/2000 "The fine voters of Washington State have sent a message to the state legislature, they are willing to cut off their nose to spite their face." This new site's by my friend John Lewis, who (among other things) taught me how to use a Mac back in 1989. Also see OscarWeb for pictures of John's son Oscar.

Now that Wesley Felter has a Manila site at EditThisPage.Com, will he ever go back to the old way of working on Hack-the-Planet?

I haven't been able to get symbol names from WINE running Frontier yet, but now that I'm fresh I'm going at it again. As I mentioned previously, it looks like the problems are in the outliner -- but we don't know where more precisely yet. Frontier's outliner has come to the front in several of our projects. Not sure if it's synchronicity, or perhaps it's just when it's time to work on the outliner, it's time to work on the outliner.

I just installed an early version of Turbo Frontier on this machine, which also serves sites such as Frontier, Frontier News, About Manila, DocServer, have browser, will travel, and of course Sheila's site.

With the recent addition of Aaron Sele, and the earlier addition of former Mets star John Olerud, it looks like the Mariners may actually have a competitive team this year.

How's this for a starting rotation: Jamia Moyer, Aaron Sele, Freddy Garcia (aka the Chief), John Halama, and Paul Abbot. And here's a possible batting order: Mark McLemore, Alex Rodriguez, Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez, John Olerud, Jay Buhner, David Bell, Dan Wilson, and Carlos Guillen (who was batting very well early last year before injury sidelined him for the rest of the season). Fierce.