inessential by Brent Simmons


I'm working on Pike.

Qube Quorner today pointed to a page on Macintouch about speeding up Mac browser performance. I tried the advice for both Netscape and IE 4.5. What a difference! It's most dramatic in IE, which was completely unusable on my machine. Now it feels much like IE 5 on Windows, which is the fastest browser I've used. I'm actually looking forward to IE 5 for Macintosh. I was very skeptical, but now I think there's hope.

For me, the problem's been this: I do email on my Mac and web-browsing on my Windows machine. This is because nothing compares to Eudora/Mac on Windows (not even Eudora for Windows). But there's no Mac browser as good as IE 5 for Windows. I don't care which I use more often, Mac or Windows, I just want to do web browsing and email on the same machine.

More from Qube Quorner: the Web in Review covers the last week of news. It was a big week!

I just took the LinuxNewbies Sunday BrainDrain Quiz. I got them all right! (Yes, I'm proud.) But here's my question -- how'd he do that? Looks like client-side scripting. I bet other Manila editors would like a HowTo on setting up quizzes. The LinuxNewbies site has not stopped delighting me.

Seattle, normally on the blurry line between habitable and inhabitable, is today firmly across that border. Wind gusts up to 60 mph are expected -- I think we're seeing them already. Lights are flickering. I've got UPS units, but they won't stand up to a longer power outage.

The 520 floating bridge has been closed. Here's the bridge cam. Look ma, no traffic.

There have been power outages in the Puget Sound area.