inessential by Brent Simmons


More Pike work today.

The XML-RPC interface for Manila is an essential part of the server-side support for Pike.

Free BeOS to be released later this quarter. "No repartitioning will be necessary, and launching BeOS 5 will be as simple as double-clicking an icon on the desktop."

There's a new Be Newbies site on EditThisPage.Com.

MacHack: Eric S. Raymond to keynote.

Yesterday I switched to Eudora 4.2 for Windows. I'm now doing email and web browsing on the same machine. The long national nightmare is over. What's interesting to me is that my choice of desktop isn't dictated by my preferred OS, or the quality of apps in general, it's the quality of the web browser. And even with the speed boost my Mac browsers got on Sunday, IE 5 for Windows was still superior. What that says about the state of web browsers isn't good. What that says about the relative importance of web browsers is, however, good.

I considered Pine and Lynx. No joke. I didn't consider them for long, but I did think about what life would be like. Text-only interfaces have, for me, an undeniable allure. On the practical side, I do wish IE 5 and Lynx shared the same keyboard shortcuts.

Jay R. Ashworth of the Baylink weblog suggests mutt over Pine.

Here's a table of Windows shortcuts. Is there a shortcut that minimizes just the frontmost window?

Jim Roepcke supplies the answer. Thanks, Jim!