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André's new weblog: SpicyNoodles.Com.

I need your help. I've got a digital video camera, a Canon Ultura, and I'd like to be able to import still pictures and movies to my computer, then edit them. I've got a G4 with FireWire, so I know the connection can be made. Of course I need a cable. But what software do I need? I don't want to spend a grand on this. Still pictures have the priority over movies, so if there's a solution that works only for pictures, for now that's okay. Send me email or reply to this message.

Working on Pike today.

Brad Pettit: "Crunch mode eats at you as you gnaw away at whatever piece of the project is on your plate. What happens after is pretty cool, though. It's called shipping."

LinuxNewbies: Safe Shutdown: The halt and telinit Commands. "Like Windows and Mac OS, Linux needs to be shut down properly before the system is powered down."

My fair city is a haven for weblogs:

Anita's LOL
Absolute Piffle
Bird on a Wire
Sheila's Web Site
rebecca's pocket

If you're a Seattle-ite, and I missed your weblog, let me know: send email to or reply to this message in the discussion group.

I like the design of the The Aperture, a new EditThisPage.Com site. I like the bold use of orange. It's another newbies site, this time for amateur photographers.

I have no confidence in iPlanet Web Server. It costs $1,495, and it's based on Netscape FastTrack, which hasn't been revised in two years. Hello? Apache is free, Apache is easy to use, Apache performs pretty well, Apache's probably already installed on your box. There are lots of websites and O'Reilly books on Apache. Lots of software has been written for Apache. If I want something to do what Apache does, I'll use Apache. I can't imagine that iPlanet has some special gotta-have-it capability that Apache lacks. If I'm wrong, let me know.

I would, of course, run a server other than Apache on Linux if that server hosts Manila sites!

Joshua Lucas of BaristaLog wrote me about iPlanet: "It isn't a 'modern' web server right now. Doesn't support servlets without some serious config file hacking which to me is just plain silly."