inessential by Brent Simmons


André: WAP: Status Update. "We have a script that renders the most recent news page in WML."

Qube Quorner: Web in Review reviews the news of the last week.

Linux Newbies: a new Sunday BrainDrain Quiz.

NY Times: The Magic Mountain contrasts Davos Man and Seattle Man. I may live in Seattle, but I'm a Davos man to the core. Seattle man is "passionately committed to a simpler view, without any ambiguities." From my point of view, there's nothing but ambiguities, except for this one: globalization is on balance a force for good.

I think a term better than Seattle Man would be Eugene Oregon Man or Olympia Washington Man. Most Seattle-ites I know watched the WTO protests on TV, horrified.

ZDNet/UK: An app server free-for-all talks about how open source projects like Zope and Midgard are competing with Vignette, IBM, and Netscape. "This time the battle is not over operating systems, but free versus priced Web application servers."

CNN: Time Warner and EMI set for music mega-merger. Pretty soon there's gonna be just one corporation, and we'll all work for it, and we'll all own shares in it. And when we want entertainment, the corporation will supply it.

W.H. Auden: The Unknown Citizen. "Was he free? Was he happy? The question is absurd..."

"Everybody gets a share." If you don't recognize that quote, read Catch-22.

The link above is to a page on This is an Amazon-free site. I wish I had a cool-looking button that said "This is an Amazon-free site" and that linked to a better page than the RMS page. Consider this a challenge. This boycott needs a GIF and a good page to link to.

It's not just a boycott, it's sort of like shunning. Link-shunning? What's the word for it when you won't link to a site?

Nuts! I didn't get my Linux machine set up yesterday. Ran out of time. Today, I hope. I'm totally looking forward to it.

Novell's anti-Windows website. Sometimes when you go on about how Microsoft is lame and you're cool, you come across as lame.

ApacheWeek.Com: Apache 2.0 Preview. Looks like the focus is on threading and performance. It appears there will be some sacrifices, unfortunately: "Modules written for 1.3 will not work with 2.0 without modification." However, I'd bet that there will be 2.0-compatible versions of the major modules when Apache 2.0 ships.

WebReference.Com: Unix Daemons in Perl. Makes me wonder if Frontier should run as a daemon on Linux, like Apache. Update 7:34 p.m.: for some reason the tutorial disappeared today, some time after I linked to it. Strange.

Another article on WebReference.Com, Using RSS News Feeds, mentions Frontier and My.UserLand.Com. It's a tutorial on using Perl's XML::RSS module. "In this Mother of Perl tutorial, we will write a short Perl script (less than 100 lines) that retrieves an XML RSS file from the Web or local file system and converts it to HTML."