inessential by Brent Simmons


I just wrote a new Frontier TechNote which explains how pages get sent via XML-RPC from a Manila site to a search engine server for indexing. If you're interested in Manila internals, or are having trouble getting your Manila site indexed, check it out. Game Theory. "When Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? became a ratings smash in its first two mini-series mountings, the sitcom and cop-show crowd (and their coke dealers and call-girl suppliers) got paranoid, my source claims."

DaveNet: Killer Patents. "Anyone who tries to own the Internet, as Amazon and Geoworks have, will be routed around."

Steve Ivy: XML-RPC in COM. "The idea behind the architecture is flexibility."

LinuxNewbies: User and Group Rights. "Today's Daily Newbie Tip explores the system of rights as they apply to users and groups on a Linux system."

David Theige is back from his cruise. Welcome back to sunny North Dakota!

I got my Dell Linux machine set up. I'm used to KDE, but I'm giving GNOME another try. GNOME was the default.

A story on the setup process is coming. Getting a machine with Linux pre-installed is a joy. The hardest thing to do is set up networking -- which had me stumped for a while until I double-checked that the ethernet cable was plugged in all the way. It wasn't. Once I fixed that, everything worked.

I've got WINE installed now too -- and Frontier is running, serving a Manila site.