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Andrea starts a weblog! "I live in Bonn, Germany, where I share a nice little flat with André Radke, my boyfriend."

I discovered that my high school in Cecil County, MD has a website. So does my elementary school and my middle school. Amazingly, some of the same teachers are still there, even in my elementary school. They've been there for decades.

I'm reading the Cecil County police blotter to see if it mentions any of my old friends.

Here's where I had my first job: Schaefer's Canal House. I was 16, a busboy.

Press release: Davos Newbies Get Help from "Manila".

Sheila reports that Mariner third baseman Russ Davis is going to the San Francisco Giants.

I'll be at tonight's meeting of the Seattle Frontier Users Group.

Philly Future points to this page today. Karl writes: "I could just copy his pointers, but they are not about Philly, and it's just not right in my book." To Karl and everyone else: links are not original, commentary is. Feel free always to link to something I've linked to. You don't have to give me credit. Now, of course, the Philly-ness of my links is another subject. I've already written about TastyKakes. I could recount my intense joy at watching the Phillies beat the Royals in the World Series in 1980.

Larry Bowa, shortstop for the magical 1980 Phillies team, is the new third base coach for the Mariners. For me this is a reunion, seeing one of my boyhood heroes again.

DrinkBoy recommends the Zig Zag Café on Western Ave. "While not over loaded with rare and exotic spirits, they did have a very good selection of spirits that aren't normally carried in Seattle bars. Cachaca, Pisco, and 15 year Laphroig among many others."

Salon: David Bowie. "'Glam rock' depended on several post-Wildean propositions: among them, that aesthetics are more important than politics; that a performer should put on a performance, not just show up stoned in a macramé vest and sandals; that earnestness equals lack of imagination; that art is artificiality."

When I was a teenager, me and my friends, we called David Bowie "God." Teenagers are silly -- but we had a point.

Curmudgeon: Why I Love Java.

Media Design in*Progress has an XML-RPC client for their Interaction Web Server Companion.

LinuxNewbies: From User to Superuser: The su command.

ZopeNewbies: Pictures from the Python conference.