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DavosNewbies is the place to be!

Sheila reports on Griffey trade rumors.

New Manila feature: Editors only access. You can have private Manila sites without having to go in Frontier and write a security script yourself.

ZopeNewbies posts more reports and pictures from the Python conference. Highlights: Eric S. Raymond, Jon Udell, and Guido van Rossum speak; Paul Everitt introduces the Portal Toolkit.

Andrew Wooldridge: Is this a competitor to XML-RPC?

Emmanuel Décarie: XHTML now a W3C Recommendation.

The EditThisPage.Com server will be down for a few minutes tonight for scheduled maintenance.

BirdBrain's Nest: I hate

Wired: RealNetworks Feels the Surge. "The stock was trading at around 175 at midday."

LinuxNewbies: The Problem with Open Source. "The greatest challenge that Linux faces is documentation." This is a great [expletive-deleted] essay. Required reading.

Is Linux like Ikea -- some assembly required?

Wired: Campus porn imperiled. It never stops with porn. Never. A bill before the Arizona legislature would require "state universities to restrict Internet access to educational purposes."

Whenever I hear of weirdness in Arizona, I hear Public Enemy's By the Time I Get to Arizona in my head.

Red Herring: Sun tries to eclipse Linux. They've declared that Solaris 8 is open. "When pressed for a clear definition of whether anyone could get the code, tweak it, and resell it without paying a licensing fee to Sun, a company spokesman said no."

Again Aqua is likened to New Coke.

Motley Fool: Layoffs Planned at Coca-Cola. Silence is Golden. "One by one they come to the well, prepare to sip, and carefully zip their lips."

Pete Rose receives living legend award from Philadelphia sports writers. Rose was part of the 1980 Phillies World Series championship. But I'm not sure how I feel about Charlie Hustle. Good and bad.