inessential by Brent Simmons


DavosNewbies: "The doors are open, and participants are flooding in."

PR: Davos Newbies Get Help from "Manila".

Dave has updated Scripting News from Davos.

Clinton to Attend Davos Forum.

I've heard that Umberto Eco will be at Davos. Of all the participants, he's the one I'd most like to meet.

Now it's super-easy to create a search page on a search engine server. Just use this new sample script, a safe macro you can use in a Manila site that's on a search engine.

Manila bug fix: the Confirm box is now getting the colors specified by the Editor on the Appearance page.

Array: The PowerPoint Effect and Manila.

Can anyone explain to me why glass glasses dry in the dishwasher so much faster than plastic glasses?

André writes: "My guess is that since a glass glass probably has a greater heat capacity than a plastic glass, the remaining water is heated (somewhat) and it dries faster." Okay, I'll buy that.

Matt Neuburg writes about mainResponder's ObjectNotFoundHandler.

Source code release: you can download the source for the DLLs that connect IIS to Frontier via COM.

News.Com: Corel hurries to fix Linux security hole. "Corel is working to patch a bug with its version of Linux that could let unauthorized users gain access to machines running Corel Linux."

I took the dog test. Turns out I'm a German Shepherd. But I thought the test was kind of bogus -- for half the questions, none of the above would have been the better answer than what I chose. Still, if I had to be a dog, I'd rather be a German Shepherd than any other breed. So maybe the test is accurate after all.

If it turned out I was a Cocker Spaniel I wouldn't have admitted to taking the test.

If a German Shepherd were a man, he'd work hard, but when he wants to relax he'd cook up a steak -- rare -- and eat it while watching Star Trek on TV. Okay, that's my life.