inessential by Brent Simmons


I'm going to watch the Super Bowl today. I've missed it the last few years. I'm hoping for a good game. I don't really care who wins. It ain't baseball.

Update 12:30 p.m.: I learned that Dick Vermeil is the coach of the Rams. Vermeil was the coach of the Eagles when I was young. I was a big Eagles fan, back in the days of Ron Jaworski. So I'm rooting for the Rams.

My dad's been staying with me for the last few days. He lives back East. I forgot to ask him to bring TastyKakes. We've been doing dad-things -- including going downtown and going bookstore-hopping. I picked up Teach Yourself Linux Programming in 24 Hours and the latest copy of Linux Magazine. (I already subscribe to Linux Journal, which is published just about 10 blocks from here in sunny Ballard, WA.)

Question: for someone who wants to learn more about Linux programming in C, what resources -- both print and on the web -- are best? Send me email, to, or reply to this message in the discussion group. Thanks!

Dad digs Manila, by the way. He works for _____, a large Eastern corporation, and has a need to communicate with people in the field, and sees the potential of Manila to make that easy. He bought a copy of Web Design in a Nutshell, a book I refer to often.

Wired: Web Changing Politics? Not.

Qube Quorner: the week in review.

Dan Gillmor has been updating his weblog from Davos. Very cool. Dan's weblog and the DavosNewbies site are hosted on the same server. Not that it makes a difference to the world -- just to me. What does make a difference is that they're both Manila sites, that Dan, no matter where he is -- Switzerland, Hong Kong, California -- can easily update his site.

I re-installed IE 5.01. It seems to have fixed the problem I was having. Every time I closed a browser window, the app would crash. Nuts.

Update 12:45 p.m.: It just happened again. Re-installing didn't fix the problem. I guess I just won't close browser windows anymore. This is double-plus-ungood. I've a mind to drive over to the Microsoft campus and knock on the first door I come to until I get some service here. Let me hear ya -- can I get a witness?

CNN: U.S. intelligence computer crashes for nearly 3 days.

Philly Future: Types of Weblogs.

Here's a site I'm very excited about, a Spanish newbies site on EditThisPage.Com. I've been trying to learn Spanish for a year, but I never make enough time. I realized that if I could learn it on the web, it would be much easier for me. And now there's a site.

The three pillars of education are mathematics, history, and languages. If I had to grade myself, I'm failing math and getting a D-minus in each of history and languages. Nuts. I'd like to fix that.