inessential by Brent Simmons


UnInstall Site Bug Fix. Manila is now smarter about removing entries from user.databases, members.root, and discuss.root when removing sites.

Editing form bug fix: the edit form for a page could get messed up if the HTML in the page you're editing included certain tags. The fix was to convert ampersands, quotes, and left carets to HTML entities inside the textarea.

The server running EditThisPage.Com and WebLogs.UserLand.Com will be down for an upgrade tonight between 7 and 8 p.m. We're doubling the RAM, so the performance of this server should be much improved, less prone to glitches.

Update: Upgrade accomplished. EditThisPage.Com is back on-line. So far so good; the server appears happier.

HTML bug fixed in the Search Page sample script. The closing </form> tag was missing, preventing the Edit this Page button from working on certain browsers.

Competing Indexers Bug Fixed. Manila and mainResponder were duking it out for the right to index pages. Now the mainResponder indexer is Manila aware. It knows when to ignore a request and when to handle it.

Wired: The Penguin Has Landed. The title of this piece is a little over-blown. The gist is that Andover.Net is adding services for enterprise users. And they're releasing and supporting the code that runs Slashdot.

Here's my experience and my thoughts on "Setting up a Dell Linux Box" with Red Hat Linux pre-installed. It worked!

The next story I plan to write is about getting Frontier set up on WINE, so you can duplicate my set-up. It's pretty easy, but there are a few gotchas. I'm not sure when I'll get to writing this. This week, I hope.

I collected links people submitted yesterday and created a "Linux C Programming Links" page. It's in the navigation as Linux C, so you can't lose it. If you have links to add, just send email to or reply to this message in the discussion group.

I'm seriously considering buying CodeWarrior for Linux. I've used CodeWarrior alot on Macintosh, and like the Mac version very much. I prefer it to Visual C++ on Windows. But maybe I should get comfortable with the command line tools first.

Luke Tymowski suggests using something other than CodeWarrior.

Sheila figured out how to get images from our digital video camera into a computer. Here's a spaceman.

News.Com: Alpha version of Mozilla makes debut.

Two of Us. Puke me out.

My dad was here for a few days, but now he's left. It was great seeing him! There's something so American and perfect about getting to watch the Super Bowl with one's Dad, something I haven't done in 15 years or more. And it was even a rare good game. But now, back to a regular work schedule...