inessential by Brent Simmons


I fixed the bug that caused Linux Frontier to crash when rendering outlines. It was easy, I just had to comment out one certain function, make it always return true but not do anything, and a few lines in another function. In the kernel, that is.

At this point here's what works: Manila sites, the Control Panel, and XML-RPC -- including WebEdit. Yes, we're concentrating on Frontier's server functionality.

LinuxNewbies: Support on the Fly: Loading Modules.

A new version of WINE has been released.

Corel engineering architect Gavriel State posted to the WINE developers mailing list: "We plan to start merging our changes back into WineHQ (ie: making patches out of our CVS commits) after we release." Here's Corel's WINE page.

Wide Open News: Linux Community Cool with Commercialization, Torvalds Says. Torvalds: "The commercial people are really making Linux a system that people want to use."

Connecting the dots... Here's one reason why Linus is right. Corel is devoting resources to making it easy to bring Windows apps to Linux. This is in the commercial interests of Corel. But it's also in the interests of the Linux community, because it potentially means that tons of Windows apps could run in Linux. The availability of software is one of the things that could make or break the Linux desktop.

blackholebrain has some thoughts about making Manila easier for newbies.

Happy Groundhog Day!

Scott Hanson suggests KDevelop as an IDE for Linux. I've added it to the "Linux C" page.

Amazon is testing a new home page design. Amazon would do well to remember the first law of e-commerce: Make your site work exactly like Amazon.Com.

PR: to Acquire

MacZoop gets a FAQ-O-Matic. It's brand new, still empty. MacZoop is a lightweight C++ application framework for Macintosh. (I host their mailing list, as sort of a give-back-to-the-net thing and because I think MacZoop is cool.) If you're a beginning Mac developer, it's worth checking out, particularly if you've found PowerPlant to be huge and hard to grok.