inessential by Brent Simmons


"How to Run Frontier on Linux with Wine".

Picture editing bug fix for Manila.

CNN: Dozens hurt in Austrian protests over new government. The Austrian story can't be ignored.

David Pogue and O'Reilly: The Missing Manuals is a new series of books for software with... missing manuals.

Wired reports that Verio tried to trademark the name "Whois" but failed. Shall we point our collective index fingers and laugh? (Holy cow, there goes the moral high ground.)

News.Com: Gripes force Apple to change iTools contract.

News.Com: Organic IPO a test case in the tough services market. "New York-based EdVenture Holdings analyst Kevin Werbach said Organic should fare well because of its well-known name, established reputation and client list." Long-time Frontier developer Phil Suh works for Organic. Best wishes!

Via ZopeNewbies: Active Server Pages to be pre-installed on Cobalt servers. I'm wondering when, or if, people will realize that tag-based systems aren't a great method of content management. You're still dealing with files on a hard drive. You still face most of the same problems you face when building static sites entirely by hand. Give me templates and a built-in database and Edit this Page buttons -- then give me the ability to add macros. Now we're talking. Just adding scripts to an otherwise plain HTML file doesn't do nearly enough to make a website easy to manage and easy to update.