inessential by Brent Simmons


Sheila found the words to talk about the Griffey saga.

Sam DeVore's scidZone aims to be a resource for Manila users. "Welcome to the template place."

Scott Hanson asks if anyone else is running Frontier under WINE. Eric Soroos is, but without success so far.

Daniel Berlinger posts more links regarding CERT's ferocious markup advisory.

I got some email about my statement that I wished Mac OS X were Linux-based. The gist of it was that it didn't matter, since Mac OS X should be able to run PPC Linux binaries. But here's one thing (out of many things) I wonder about: will I be able to install the same software that runs on my LinuxPPC machine? What I do is go to the LinuxPPC FTP server, download an RPM, type rpm -Uvh whatever-it-is, and it's installed. It doesn't seem likely that I could do this with Mac OS X. Maybe I'm wrong? Discussion continues...

Nicole Yates: The Philly Sports Fan's Mystique. Though I'm a Seattle-ite, I was raised a Philly sports fan. Still am -- see my comments on Griffey yesterday.

LinuxNewbies on man pages. "Foo and bar, in my view, are the bane of the inexperienced user's existence. The use of these two metaphorical examples don't tell users anything useful." Nuts -- I use foo and bar (and sometimes baz) all the time. I never thought to question it.

I got on Usenet today for the first time in years. I've subscribed to the WINE newsgroup and a few Linux/UNIX groups. I used to use NewsWatcher on my Mac, now I'm using Outlook Express on Windows. Whatever. My first reader was tin (I think), back when my Internet access was through a dial-up shell account. Jay R. Ashworth suggests I try FreeAgent.

Lots of good stuff today on Scripting News, QubeQuorner, and O'Reilly.

I asked yesterday about a POP server for Linux. Mark Staben wrote to suggest I use the servers that come with Pine.