inessential by Brent Simmons


Dave's home!

Andrea -- who's not famous yet, but on her way -- reviews Manila and EditThisPage.Com.

Hack-the-Planet is not (yet) owned by VA Linux.

CNN: Forbes quits race. Bye bye.

Note to CNN: please fix the super small fonts!

Other complaints about CNN's fonts: Luke Tymowski, Jason Levine, Sheila, Jim Roepcke.

At least CNNSI is still readable.

Karl Martino recommends Yahoo and Excite as alternatives.

Josh Lucas is working on a library for Java that communicates with Manila via the Manila RPC interface.

Bill St. Clair wrote about last night's DaveNet Live in Boston.

Yesterday I got on Usenet, and last night I remembered why it's been a long time: it's boring. Oh well, it's still useful, and I remember how to scan this stuff quickly.