inessential by Brent Simmons


How to Set Up a Search Engine for Manila Sites.

Jon Udell, in a post on O'Reilly's discussion group: the web /is/ the platform. "There is now an overarching framework, and it isn't one OS or another, it's a fabric of network services involving servers, middleware, and clients."

My Windows 98 machine has been getting progressively sicker. Today I lost three things: 1) the ability to shut down or restart from the Start menu, 2) the ability to do View Source on a web page, and 3) the ability to save a graphic from a web page to disk as anything other than a .bmp file. I'm upgrading to Windows 2000 tonight; I hope it helps.

Salon: Mozilla Dreams.

MSNBC: It really was time for Junior to go. "The symbol of baseball’s light-hearted innocence has assembled an enemies list that would’ve impressed J. Edgar Hoover."

Spam can be funny. One I received today begins, "Are You Tired of Spending Countless Hours Searching for Pictures of Nude Celebrities?" Oh, geez, am I ever! So tired, so many hours. If I had a nickel for every hour I've spent, I'd have... well, $0.00. But that's beside the point. The email continues, "Well The Search is Over!!!!!!" The writer is clearly enthusiastic for his or her subject.

It's a slow news day. But you can relax, I don't expect to vent about Griffey. Why should I? He's a Red. 's over.