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Howard's Musings: Installing Linux 3. "Now things have started to get interesting. Not good, mind you, but interesting."

'Peanuts' creator Schulz dies at 77. I wish he was just missing, like Snoopy in that one show, and he could come home again. There's more info on specials and tributes at Peanuts.Com.

QubeQuorner: Week in Review.

Just for jazz, I downloaded and installed Mozilla Milestone 13 last night. Progress! I can see that it may eventually turn into a browser one might want to use. The display engine seemed pretty fast. A huge number of UI bugs remain, enough to make it unusable for every day browsing. (For me, anyway.) In the half-hour or so I used it, it didn't crash. I'm excited by the idea that one day we may have a browser with better standards compliance than IE 5 -- IE 5 is far from perfect, but it sure beats the current released versions of Navigator.