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Wendi Dunlap of once helped me out in a big way -- but I seriously doubt she would remember. It was around the time of the first Netscape betas, and I got a PPP account with Seanet, a local ISP. I was finally switching from my shell account with Eskimo. But I couldn't get a PPP connection with my Mac. I struggled for nearly a week. Finally I ended up talking to Wendi, Mac user and Seanet employee, who walked me through configuring MacTCP, when no one else there could help me.

carpe diem: BlogThis! and Manila That.

New Manila feature: HTML Editor toolbar.

EditThisPage.Com: Syndicating your site. "It's impossible for one person to watch 267 sites, that's why it's great that we have two tools to help sites that are publishing real content to get their new developments in front of the eyes of interested readers."

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