inessential by Brent Simmons


My friend John's son Oscar eats cake for his second birthday.

New Manila feature: WAP/WML support.

Dave: Let's have a meeting! "I want to have a Saturday afternoon meeting with the EditThisPage, Manila and Frontier people in the Bay Area."

First impressions from an Archipelago user.

The Register: Mac PC emulator to bundle Red Hat Linux. "Emulation software developer Connectix is to ship a version of its Mac-based Virtual PC application with Red Hat Linux as the emulator's bundled x86 operating systems." That sounds cool -- but it only sounds cool. As the article later points out, why not just install LinuxPPC? Is it just that Connectix wants to be able to put the word Linux on their web site?

Daniel Berlinger responds: "There is a big difference between dual booting a system and having VPC on your machine."

It's a beautiful day here in Seattle: total blue skies. In Southern California, Josh Lucas is getting rained on.

The sci.lang FAQ. In an alternate universe I'm a linguist.

MSNBC: Griffey’s a sensation, but pitching isn’t: "Griffey may get the headlines, but it will be the pitching that either gets the Reds to the playoffs or causes them miss out once again." The Mariners have proved this season after season. But now it looks like the M's have a strong pitching staff this year -- so, ironically, we have a better chance of getting to the post-season, even through Griffey's outta here.