inessential by Brent Simmons


black hole brain: Manila Mosh-Pit man.

Julia's Journal: there's a Seattle webloggers get-together this Saturday at the Speakeasy.

Manila Express! I used it to post this link.

We're now working on the next new feature -- this one won't be limited to IE5 users.

feckless: promiscuous browsing: "I liked Hudson Hawk." I didn't want to be the first to admit it -- but, you know, I really liked Hudson Hawk too, for pretty much the exact same reasons. It feels good not to be alone, after all these years!

Baseblog -- just in time for Spring Training. I added it to the links on the left.

New sample: suites.pikeRenderer.

What is an Outline Renderer?

My JavaScript Zen Generator used to enjoy minor fame -- back in 1995 and early 1996. It still works! But most of the links on the page are broken.

Mark Staben replies with this Shakespearean Insult Generator.