inessential by Brent Simmons


One year ago today Sheila and I moved into our bungalow in Ballard. Sheila's got pictures.

Sure sign it's the year 2000: it's a beautiful Sunday, so we're outside pruning trees -- being careful not to cut the T1 line.

WebLogs.Com: Hot List. "The 100 sites most-linked-to by the Weblogs." At this writing, this site is 42 on the WebLogs.Com top 100 and 36 on the list.

Here's a good-looking Manila site:

traumwind: It is earth-shaking! I just keep clicking that button. I think it releases endorphins.

Cecil Coupe digs Sabado Gigante. "Do you remember the Monty Python skit 'Confuse a Cat?' Univision and Sabado Gigante is 'Confuse a white anglo named Cecil.'" I experienced the shock of recognition here, for I too am a Sabado Gigante fan, and I know pretty much no Spanish. If you haven't watched it -- you're missing out.