inessential by Brent Simmons


Scripting Manila. Today we released system.verbs.apps.Manila -- Manila is a scriptable application. Also see today's Scripting News.

An open proposal to Search Engine developers.

Sheila just got us tickets to the April 2nd exhibition game between the Mariners and the Phillies. Safeco field, 100 level, row 20, between home plate and first base, behind the home team dugout. Wow! I haven't been to a Phillies game in many, many years. I'm excited!

When we were down at Dave's earlier this month, Sheila took pictures of the lizards.

Mark Staben suggests that they're newts -- and links to a page with more pictures of newts. I've never seen anything like them in Seattle or where I grew up in Maryland. In Maryland we had salamanders. In Seattle, slugs.