inessential by Brent Simmons


My friend John is a proud member of the Bastard Nation.

Via q: No More Flashing at Mardi Gras. I'm not saying every American city should be like New Orleans -- but let New Orleans be New Orleans. It's like with gambling: there are no casinos in Seattle, but I can choose to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City if I want to. It's a standard feature of civilization. Instead of saying "No bad behavior ever" we tell people where and when to go to be with like-minded folks.

Dave's coffee maker. What you may not be able to tell from the picture is that the pot itself is thermos-like. There's even a lid that twists on. So you can carry it to the office and it will stay warm.

There's a Zeldman icon for '50s pin-up model Betty Page (in use below) -- and here's a Betty Page page.


More pictures were posted yesterday...