inessential by Brent Simmons


404 Research Lab: "All errors, all the time." Via neoflux.

I went to Rob's Amazing Poem Generator and entered the URL of this page and got this:

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LinuxNewbies: "So, if any of you out there were wondering if the site was slowly dying, fear not. It is simply evolving as time goes on. The site has been an incredible success, and I have received a great deal of feedback from many of the members, whom I would like to thank for their support."

Manila Plug-ins are the very cool thing we've been working on. The plug-ins architecture allows you to add new features to Manila sites in a clean way, without changing any UserLand code. You can add sections to websites, add to the Editors only menu, add legal macros, and add RPC handlers.

It's like writing Frontier suites -- except that your audience, the base of Manila users, is larger.


Dave: Notes on competing. Naturally I used Manila Express to add this link.

Dan Gillmor: How Did Amazon Get That Patent, Anyway?

I enjoy browsing EditThisPage.Com sites by looking at the search stats page -- it's another view.

I'm pretty sure John VanDyk is Wreckin' Ball from the classic Knitters song. "Well I woke up this morning', looking for kicks, went out to the barnyard to stomp on some chicks -- they call me Wreckin' Ball, 'cause I'm the baddest of them all." Here's John on Chickens, the brainless wonders and on squash hunting.

If you don't go get a Manila site right now, this cat will get you.

Jimmi is sweet -- except when he's hungry.

It's just about time to collect all the pictures into one big permanent page.

The people below are safe from the cat -- they've already got sites.