inessential by Brent Simmons


I knew John Van Dyk wasn't really the Wreckin' Ball -- but I thought it would be funny to suggest it. I don't know too many people who raise chickens. I'd never actually stomp on chickens either -- but sometimes I like to think that the Wreckin' Ball, c'est moi. It's a metaphor for being tough. Is John Van Dyk tough? At least in the sense that I mean it -- strong of heart, strong of mind -- his website leads me to suspect that he is.

Foaf Survey: Is the Girlfriend Remote evil?

LinuxNewbies: March Is International Be-Nice-To-Newbies Month! "Newbies, at least here, are viewed as people who simply have not had the same opportunities as other people to become proficient at something technical. This fact does not make newbies bad, it just makes them less informed. Big deal. That's why we have the Internet."

Last night we had a 'possum sitting up on our back fence. That's the first one I've seen here in Ballard. It was way too dark to take a picture. I haven't seen racoons yet, but I know they're around. I expect to see a kangaroo hoppin' through our flower beds any day now.

Sometimes people ask "What with all these features, does anyone at UserLand ever sleep?" I can't speak for my confreres, but me, I do sleep sometimes. I spent much of yesterday asleep and didn't get up today 'til almost noon. I was a little wiped out. But now I'm back.

It turns out Josh Lucas and I have the same birthday, March 26. The first mini-Manila-festival will be held the day before in Cupertino. I hope to see Josh there. Time to celebrate.

I signed up at NoWebPatents.Org.

You can link your website to NoWebPatents.Org.

The cat is waiting for you not to make a website. Then he'll eat you. The folks pictured below are safe.

If you're not afraid of the cat yet, you should know that he has 6 claws on one forepaw, and 7 claws on the other. Freakily scary. And he's not my cat. If I tell him to back off, he won't listen. Oh no.