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Sheila has a cold. She's sleeping mostly -- but she'd rather be weblogging. Get well soon messages go to or her discussion group. Thanks!

My Mom now has a Manila site. She's a software engineer at Boeing -- but not working due to the SPEEA strike. Here's Mom's resumé: Software Engineer Extraordinaire. "Seeking new challenges in the development of applications based on web and database enabled technologies, especially with the use of XML." Some things run in the family! But seriously: her experience goes back to the '70s and she has an M.S. in Computer Science.

Don't miss Upgrade Now -- the argument between Mad Hatter and Mr. Peepers is hilarious. Not sure if it's real or not. If it is, it's even funnier.

Perfect attendance! I dreamt last night I was in high school and had perfect attendance. If you knew me then, you'd be laughing. I was always on some kind of report -- I had very nearly the worst attendance in my school of 1300+ students. I got straight D's -- except in AP English, where I got straight A's. In other words, I got the education of a highly literate busboy. But now my dreams are trying to re-write my personal history.

How long ago was high school for me? When the fellow Seattle-ite who does was being born. Back in my day we didn't have Manila, or even computers (at school) -- we had typewriters and the school newspaper.