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At long last, baseball games on the radio start Friday.

Cabinet: The correspondence of Billy Donnelly. "My dad writes software and since this weekend he's been hopping mad about something you did with patting. He keeps saying amazon and there frigging patting!"

Sheila's reporting the great news that Wendi gets to keep her bungalow, it won't be removed to make way for a library. Excellent!

Misnomer doesn't get as many hits as it deserves. It's a good weblog; go there now.

Frontier: Manila and Static Pictures. You can use a static server to serve pictures.

Manila Newbies: Manila Tip Sheet.

It's A Message To You, Rudy.

I received CodeWarrior for Linux today. Why did I go with CodeWarrior over KDevelop, etc.? Because I've used CodeWarrior for MacOS for years: I like it, it's comfortable, I already know how to use it, and I've come to trust Metrowerks tools. KDevelop sounded difficult to set up -- and it works like Microsoft Visual C++, which I don't care for that much, though I do use it on Windows. And the price was right: under $100 for CodeWarrior.

LinuxNewbies: Newbie Tip: Understanding the RPM.

Welcome to March!

Sometimes you're working on new features, and sometimes you're working on performance. And sometimes performance is a feature.

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I've been going through some old folders with pictures in them. Some of you may vaguely recognize some of these as pictures I've used on older sites, going back to 1995. These all pre-date my working for UserLand. I've been working for UserLand for three years.

Here's an ancient company logo.


A slightly later rendition of that same logo.


Here's an ancient navbar.


Here's an only slightly less ancient navbar.


For some strange reason, this blue circle figured prominently in the first MacBird site I did.


This one brings back memories.


Ancient Frontier/FileMaker based search engine I wrote.


The only excuse I have for this one is that it was 1996 and I thought Java might be cool. I wasn't wrong -- it might've been cool, but it just didn't end up that way.


Scripting, of course, is cool.