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The T'inator -- pity the website! Via Windowseat Annex.

SwallowingTacks. "A spoonful a day keeps George Bush Jr. away."

What is it about Seattle-area high-tech companies? Microsoft, Amazon, Real. There's an obvious abuse-of-power thread going on here.

When I was originally looking for a domain name for this website, it came down to two choices: and Note: is still available.

If you don't like Linux -- and I do like Linux, but maybe you don't -- you could register

Sometimes I think the reason why I sit so much in front of a computer is physiological -- the light from the monitor is crude treatment for seasonal affective disorder. (No, I don't really have SAD. But I do get really tired of the cold and cloudy days of Winter.)

Baseball on the radio has begun!

Sheila's added links to her most-visited weblogs to her template. I'm glad she did, it's a good practice. One of the logs she links to is Tripping!, Luke Tymowski's other weblog.

Luke writes: "What does Tripping refer to? Trip the light fantastic. That phrase came to mind when I was thinking of a title. It probably sounds druggy. But I've never so much as smoked a cigarette. So don't take it too seriously."

Here's a picture of Luke, from Tripping's about page:

Luke's Manila weblog is, of course, QubeQuorner, one of my personal favorites.

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I'm a little confused by the rumors. Is there going to be a new Star Trek series, or not? Do you know the scoop on this?

What darkness lurks in the heart of men?