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Manila's new Set Relative Path path feature allows you to set the site structure path from the Admin box that appears at the bottom of discussion group pages.

Speaking of the new feature, Sheila says: "I love it!" As with many Manila features, Sheila played the role of tester. (In return, she gets Manila technical support over the dinner table, at the grocery store, and so on. As she once remarked, every day's a Manila festival for her.)

Zend.Com is a new resource for PHP developers.

My take on the "Are European teenagers more mature?" question: maturity is a very hard thing to measure in absolute terms, as it means different things in different cultures. For Americans, it's a "grass is greener on the other side" thing. One could come up with examples of behavior that would be labelled immature on one side of the Atlantic and mature on the other side -- but in talking about this stuff it's very easy to hurt people's feelings on both continents. Bottom line: I think European and American teenagers are equally mature, when viewed in the context of their respective cultures.