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blackholebrain on Manila: Less Specs, More Fun!

Screen shots of the Helix GNOME Desktop.

Joe Mahoney describes why he'll be upgrading his iMac to LinuxPPC. (See the survey below.)

I think the important line in Bruce Sterling's Hard Times: A Letter from 2035 is this: "Like, we never quite made it to Mars, because manned space flight has no real commercial potential." If the opposite is true -- and I think it is, I think the Internet gold rush is a nickel-to-Bill-Gates'-fortune compared to the upcoming space rush -- then what a different letter would be written from the year 2035.

Problem is that the Space Age may not get started by the year 2035. And if it does, it may not be the countries one expects -- America, Europe, Russia -- that are going into space.

George Bush has been taking tips from Mr. T.

If you run a UNIX webserver -- which stats app do you prefer? Analog? Do you use a program that does separate reports for virtual domains? If you would, send me email or reply on the dg.

Photographs from the air.

A draft copy of the Manila User's Guide in pdf format is available.

Survey (requires membership): How are you going to upgrade your Macs?

I've got six Macs, mostly servers, in my office: one runs LinuxPPC, the rest run various versions of Mac OS from 8 to 9. Given that Apple is replacing 7-8-9 with Mac OS X, and given the existence of Linux distributions for Macs, I'll be upgrading the system software on probably all of my Macs within the next 12 months or so. What will you be doing with your Macs?

Results so far:

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Here's a few available domains for webloggers with appearance issues:,,

And here's a super-cool domain name that's available: I imagine it as a portal for people who just need to relax. Languor is one of the most beautiful words in the English language.

Then there's At least it's easy to spell, easy to type. I like it in a dangerous meta characters kind of way.

Here's a mean bad cat:

Actually, he's not mean at all. He's sweet unless he's hungry. Of course, he's almost always hungry.

We're working on something very cool right now. Grown men will faint. Women will weep. Children will look up from their TV sets. Cats will talk. Squirrels will ride motorcycles. Dogs will invent a new calculus. Roller coasters will run in reverse. Stars will move in closer to the Earth.

O'Reilly Network: An Amble Through Apache Configuration. I still have to look this stuff up sometimes. We've got five machines running Apache to administer, three of which are production machines. Sometimes I post stuff here mainly so I can find it later. I'll be able to run a search on this site and find this link.

Post695: Throw it out.

Search for Linux on Search for Manila Express. Search for XML. Search for Mr. Ed.

A few different Frontier scripters have raised this question: How does Manila fit in with the rest of Frontier? Quick overview: Manila is a mainResponder application. Manila sites are website framework sites. Prefs.root is used to build most of the forms. XML, and XML-RPC, play important roles -- forms are defined in XML; Manila sites are scriptable over the network. Manila is another layer which builds on top of lots of previous layers. My questions: What else, specifically, do you want to know? What parts are the confusing parts?

My contacts arrived this morning. I ordered them late Friday night. If you're a contact lens wearer, I recommend I work much better on my triangles if I don't have to squint at the screen.

Thinking about pre-built templates (themes) for Manila. How it could work.

The Weblogger folks have a site about Manila design.

Apache module for XML-RPC. 36-year-old rookie still basking in instant celebrity.