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It's Wim Wenders day on Sheila's web site. We were watching a report about the new movie on CNN the other day -- and they consistently mis-spelled his name as Wim Vendor. What do you call that colored strip at the bottom of the screen they always use on TV when they're interviewing somebody, where they put the person's name? They were actually interviewing the man, but still managed to completely mangle his name. Of course, they spelled "Bono" correctly.

I wish they had spelled it Whim Vendor -- a person who sells impulses and sudden wishes -- or Vim Vendor -- a person who sells vigor and vitality.

NetDyslexia: "Link to us! It's free of charge!" Okay!

No hiccups! More no hiccups. The EditThisPage.Com server handled nearly 100,000 page reads on Friday, by the way.

"James Kirk"

Q is reporting on a UK Manila hosting service. Q: "Quality Web Enterprises is a free Manila hosting service in the UK, but they have a scary provision in their FAQ."

More survey comments: Andrew Duncan is going with LinuxPPC for his Macs; Jim Roepcke's going with Mac OS X.

The survey -- How are you going to upgrade your Macs? -- is still open. The leading answer so far: "Leave some running 7-8-9, upgrade others to Mac OS X, others to Linux."

Starting yesterday there's also been discussion of web stats apps and GUI email clients for Linux.

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It's Super Tuesday. My predictions: Bradley will be dropping out after today. McCain won't drop out quite yet, but soon, because today it will be clear that Republicans are going with the safe vote for George Bush. Which is too bad for Republicans, by the way -- McCain would have been competition for Gore in the general election. They don't call 'em conservatives for nuthin'.

Republicans, those who didn't vote for McCain -- can you feel it slipping away? I don't mean to be a downer, but... you had your chance, and didn't want to take it.

Why do I think McCain would have been better against Gore than Bush will be? Because I'm a liberal Democrat, and I could almost vote for McCain. But I couldn't get past certain of his conservative positions, no matter how much I like him. Millions of Democrats are more moderate than I am -- and they totally could vote for McCain in the general election, despite his conservative positions. As much as Bush wants you to think Democrats voted for McCain in various primaries just to be mean, it ain't so -- Democrats like McCain, even though he's a conservative. They like the man.