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According to a posting on the LinuxPPC announcement list, Jason Haas of LinuxPPC was in a serious accident. Jeff Carr wrote: "Jason was going to email this out to everyone, but I have the sad job of reporting to you that he was in a serious accident on Friday -- hit by a DUI driving a tahoe. He is in bad shape, but is looking better today. I'm trying to keep up with what email he has so if you email kind things to him i'll pass them on." Jason's email address is Best wishes for a quick recovery.

Sam DeVore: Adding a text counter with a plugin.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "Initiative 695, which replaces the state car-tab tax with a $30 fee and requires a public vote on all tax and fee increases, violates the state constitution's requirement that initiatives tackle only a single subject, a King County Superior Court judge ruled today." Next stop is the Washington state supreme court.

Jake Savin's got some good news.

Dan Gillmor: "Ballmer talked about Microsoft's 'Dreams' for the future... At the top of that list was 'Complete customer control.'"

Internet groupware from Macrobyte Resources.

MacLaunch.Com. "Free mailing list support for Macintosh webmasters worldwide." is available., via