inessential by Brent Simmons


Jeff Cheney is exploring ideas for log analysis for Manila Sites.

New server just arrived. 700 MHz, PIII, 512MB RAM, CD-RW, 30 GB drive. Good chance it's going to be a search engine.

Here's a site I'd like to see: a Yahoo-like directory for web developers. It wouldn't have to have original content, and it wouldn't focus on just open-source or just Manila or just Microsoft or just Java -- it would cover everything, with an easy-to-use hierarchy. I've been wanting this site to exist for a few years, actually. Please someone do this.

Thousands of years from now, when archaeologists are digging up the remains of our current age, they're going to find lots of canned goods. If they can decipher our language, I bet they fix themselves a bowl of chicken soup. And I bet they like it. Then archaeology becomes a fiendish passion: they're all on a hunt for more soup.

ACI US acquires StarNine. "ACI has recently acquired StarNine Technologies, Inc., publishers of the WebSTAR server suite line of products to complement the 4th Dimension product line."

Barry Manilow is on tour. My inner child wants to hear "Copacabana" live. That's a joke, by the way. Or, actually, probably not.