inessential by Brent Simmons


Geek goes to the mailbox, finds a Linux Journal and a Scientific American. Happy geek.

Regex help needed. Can you help? Update 2:45 p.m.: Got it working, with help from Hannes Wallnöfer and private help from André Radke. Thanks!

Do squirrels like peanut butter? I was thinking about the afterlife for squirrels, and I imagined it with rivers of peanut butter. But then -- that may be a squirrel's hell, actually. Maybe they only like nuts when they can bury them, crack them open, carry them around?

Jake's Brainpan is running a survey -- do you enjoy Star Trek? I conform perfectly to stereotype -- I can't get enough. I even read the books.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'd like to say something like -- "This is a day all Americans, Irish and non-Irish, can reflect on and be proud of their ethnic heritage" -- but then I remember: oh yeah, I'm descended from the people who like to beat up on the Irish. Nuts.

Popular Apache modules. It looks like PHP is the most popular, followed by FrontPage. The appearance of FrontPage is a surprise to me, I didn't know there was such a module for Apache.