inessential by Brent Simmons


My birthday is a week from today -- but since I won't be home, I'm celebrating with family today. Happy birthday to me! Sort of!

We used to sing: "Happy birthday to you -- you smell like a monkey -- and look like one too!"

I created a new site on Weblogs.Com today -- not because I want a new weblog, but because I want the chance to experiment with a personal weblog portal. Here's the site, still completely in its default state at this writing.

At Electric Dirt Farmer, lots of notes on Zaplets. I'm having trouble getting excited about them.

I was thinking about intelligence. There are many types -- but two types often referred to, and measured by IQ tests, are spatial and verbal intelligence.

Then there is another set of types -- analytic and synthetic.

My theory: if you treat these two sets as x and y axes, the great minds of history, from Aristotle to Shakespeare to Einstein, would land squarely in the center.

Below is my graph -- I'm the yellow dot. Balanced on one axis, very unbalanced on the other.


There is, of course, a third axis -- candlepower. One might be a balanced dim bulb. I don't even attempt to show a third axis here. (I probably couldn't figure out how to draw it anyway!)

Finally, there's a fourth axis, also not shown: time.


Frauke points to an article about women's IQs increasing during pregnancy.