inessential by Brent Simmons


Browsing your Manila site in Pike: "A new version of the Pike menu allows you to view your Manila site locally. This should be an eye-opener for people who have never seen what a Manila site looks like behind the scenes, or people who have out of the loop while we developed the dynamic site features in Frontier 6 and 6.1."

Two updates for server managers fix bugs in getting Pike support running on your Manila server.

Today: more Pike work, more Manila work -- fixing bugs, adding features.

To everyone using Pike beta 1 -- remember that it's a beta. Actually, most of you do remember that, which I totally appreciate. But I've seen a couple messages that read "I'm dissapointed that..." -- well, it might just be a bug, or something not yet implemented. It's not 1.0 yet.

Also: about hearing feature requests -- we hear all of them. But it takes more than 15 minutes to implement most features. It's a process: evaluation, design, implementation, and testing. Not every request comes with a full, thought-out design. Not every request should be implemented. And we of course have a to-do list -- you may post an excellent feature request (happens all the time) but we may not get to it today, or tomorrow, or this week. This is not to discourage you from posting feature requests -- but to remind you that we're people here too with a lot of work to do, and we care very strongly about the quality of our work.

Wide Open News: Darwin to ship for Intel.