inessential by Brent Simmons


Here's the Mutant quiz -- are you, possibly, a mutant? Via 2020 Hindsight. The possibility that I'm a mutant is EXTREMELY HIGH.

Back home today. Changes -- in the week-and-a-half I was gone, Spring started in Seattle. Nice.

I just had an NT 4 Server machine completely freeze up on me. Nuts. That's pretty rare, though -- the machine had been up for a few months.

I installed IE 5/Mac today. First thing I did was test it with the JavaScript HTML editor that shows up in Manila if you're using IE 5 for Windows. It didn't work. If there are any JavaScript experts that can figure out how to make it work with IE 5/Mac, let me know how to do it. (In Frontier, jump to mainResponder.discuss.getHtmlEditor. Comment out the block that reads if not (lowerUserAgent contains "windows").)

Next question for IE 5/Mac folks -- how do you get an item into the ctrl-click menu? On Windows it's a registry entry. Simple answers, pointers to docs, etc. are welcome.