inessential by Brent Simmons


Better Pike debugging: "If you encounter an error saving a document with Pike, and received an 'error communicating with server' message, you can get a more specific error message this way."

Manila Express bug fixed: "If the URL, title, or selected text of a page contained a ?, then the ? and everything after it was cut off." Now fixed.

Manila Newbies: Time Zone Preference: "On April 4, 2000 we released a new Manila feature, the ability to set the time zone for your site via the Appearance page."

Wide Open News: Microsoft Guilty: "Microsoft denied all the charges, characterizing the government's case as 'specious,' 'fiction,' 'fantasy,' 'silly' and 'pure baloney.'"

LinuxPapers.Org: First Steps With GNU/Linux. "If you have just installed GNU/Linux and don't know quite what to do next, then this article is for you. Some fundamental UNIX concepts are explained in this paper."

Anderson leads Mariners to victory. "Anderson pitched the final four innings of the spring contest giving up two hits, no runs and striking out six Philly batters." Opening day for the Mariners is tomorrow. Pedro Martinez is scheduled to pitch for the Red Sox, Jamie Moyer for the Mariners. Should be an old-fashioned pitcher's duel.

Vaclav Havel on Lou Reed. Here's Lou Reed at the White House. The Czechs didn't call it the Velvet Revolution for no reason.