inessential by Brent Simmons


Mariners beat Yankees 7-5. Kazuhiro Sasaki, the all-time saves leader in Japan, gets his second American save. Center fielder Mike Cameron robs Derek Jeter of a home run, gets multiple standing ovations. Here's the recap. Baseball: The Latin Passion to air on NBC April 8.


The picture above is looking down at the top of my G4. Not shown is a short stack of quarters, a green plastic army man, and the coiled-up end of a FireWire cord.

New Manila feature: RSS syndication format support.

Meerkat is O'Reilly's wire service -- it supports RSS, though I don't see a way to register.

Mariners beat the Red Sox (again) 5-2. Tonight's game is against the Yankees: Halama vs. Pettite.

The Mariners are tied with the A's for best team ERA in all of major league baseball. Sure, it's super-early in the season -- but this is still encouraging!

Though the SPEEA strike ended, my Mom's leaving Boeing for AdvanceOnline.Com. There's a thread here: both my Mom and sister work for companies that do web-based education. And, of course, part of my job is writing HowTos and docs for people who are learning Frontier, Manila, and Pike. Are we all teachers at heart? Looking back to previous generations -- it appears to run in the family.