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Thanks to everyone who helped test -- and now, it's hashed cookies time... The upshot is that there's a new cookie format that uses string.hashMD5 to encrypt the contents of the cookie. It's more secure.

Happy Birthday Wes!

Manila Newbies: Email Responses: "On April 10, 2000 we released a new feature: the ability for members to receive, via email, direct responses to a discussion group message."

The subscription box looks like this:

The Mariners are travelling today -- next game is tomorrow at Detroit. The M's have the best team ERA in the American League at 2.83, second only to the NL's Arizona Diamondbacks. If you're not a Mariners fan, you have no idea how good it feels to be able to say this, how long we've waited to be able to say this.

Note to the M's: cut Mesa, keep Halama in the bullpen, bring up Brett Tomko or Ryan Anderson from AAA Tacoma.