inessential by Brent Simmons


Uh-oh, the missionaries finally found us.

Final: 11-9, Mariners win. An ugly game. But -- you gotta win the ugly ones, they're still wins.

7th inning -- 9-6. Ooops. Here comes the Blue Jays.

5th inning -- Carlos Delgado's home run in the 3rd brings the Blue Jays a run. It's 9-1.

2nd inning -- Wells is outta there, we're into the Toronto bullpen. Now it's 9-0 Mariners. This feels good after getting shut out yesterday.

1st inning -- Mariners score 6, on three-run home runs by Edgar Martinez and Dan Wilson.

Today the Mariners go up against the Toronto Blue Jays, the first in a three-game series.

Note to M's: please cut Mesa. Please.