inessential by Brent Simmons


Custom icons for bookmarks. Here's how, using the Gems feature, you can have a custom icon when someone makes your site a favorite.

Zeldman: "Several friends and readers have pointed out that our icons are used extensively at Dave Winer's Actually, Dave has been doing this for a while, now. But does he call? Does he write?"

Manila's new Gems feature allows you to "upload files of any type -- movies, sound files, zip files, spreadsheets, etc. -- to your Manila website."

Mariners beat the Blue Jays 19-7. Grand slam by A-Rod -- one of three home runs for the shortstop today. This completes a three-game sweep in Toronto. I'm glad to see the Mariners leave that ball park -- these football-style scores are scary, even though we were on the winning end.

We've got DomeChunks!