inessential by Brent Simmons


Where can I find fonts for Linux? The default set (on my Red Hat 6.0 machine) are completely awful. Any recommendations?

Garret posted a link to Using TrueType Fonts with Red Hat Linux. Perhaps this will help.

BBC News: Dutch police guide to sex and drugs: "'Pay particular attention to the places you enter,' the guide says. 'Lots of tourists are taken by surprise when the lady they are visiting turns out to be a gent.'"

The Mariners play the Royals in Seattle tonight at 7:05. The Royals are on a six-game losing streak -- we're looking to extend that.

Two big new Manila features coming: localization and News Items.

I'm going to stop teasing about new features: though fun for me, the message I'm hearing is it's not fair to developers.