inessential by Brent Simmons


New feature: reports showing the most read Manila sites can be generated in HTML and XML formats.

Mariners face Oakland tonight. Yesterday's 7-6 loss to the Rangers in the bottom of the 9th was -- sports cliché coming, wait for it -- heartbreaking, to say the least. Let's hope Gil Meche finally gets some run support tonight.

Sometimes you get an email that makes your day. I just got one from someone I never heard of (a nobody, I'm sure) telling me about the sex I've recently had with a variety of members of my family -- but especially my uncle. In all caps -- and rhyming! It's almost like a deranged, vulgar Dr. Seuss, beautiful and funny in its own way.

osOpinion: Remaining obstacles to World Domination: "InstallShield for Linux is more important than M$ Office."

The good news is that Garret's back. The bad news, I'm sure you know by now, is that they're fighting major fires in New Mexico. If you can help, please do.