inessential by Brent Simmons


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I went to the hospital last night. Around midnight I slipped on the ancient hardwood floor in the living room, and a splinter an inch long drove into the bottom of my foot.

It took several shots to anesthetize the area. Ouch! Needles in the bottom of the foot! Also got a tetanus shot in the arm.

Got home around 3 a.m. Now I'm up, hobbling around, off to visit Mom. Happy Mother's Day!

View from the Foot

While at the hospital, before the splinter was removed, Sheila asked, "What if we see Al Hawkins?"

"Run away," I replied.

"On your foot?"

"Yes... He is in Portland, right?"

(This is just by way of teasing EditThisPage.Com's resident critical care nurse. Not that the conversation didn't happen, mind you.)

3.5 stars

Swedish Emergency Room in Ballard was quiet and clean. Everybody was nice. Yes, there was waiting time -- but not as much as one might expect for a minor injury on a Saturday night. I was there between two and three hours. Paperwork on my part was minimal, just signing three forms: a sign-in form, consent for getting a tetanus shot, and a discharge form. The nurses and the doctor appeared competent, not hurting me uneccesarily but getting the job done.

If you have to go to the emergency room, and you have a choice between Swedish in Ballard and somewhere else, pick Swedish.